David Kerssens Goedhart (1995, Wormerveer) lives and works in Amsterdam.

He is currently working on a strategy to capture observations through machines. With his machines he tries to investigate traditional notions such as beauty, awe, the sublime and truth and to incite the viewer to contemplation.

The machines build on his past as a photographer. Kerssens Goedhart believes that what he wants to capture cannot be captured by a photo or film camera. The machines function as if it were a camera and a projector in one, but they also manage to transcend these functions and grow into a new kind of almost enigmatic object. Next to the machines he also tries to work with other mediums. Film and photography are still a part of his toolkit. He also aspires to explore new ways of making, for example large projects with different parties that can function in both the art- and the real world.

1999 - 2003

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2003 - 2007

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